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Welcome to Reusable Care Creations

 Our team
Our Reusable Care Creations are made by women with a physical disability. They are a group who deserve some extra attention. Our products are small, which means the sewing work is rather compact. This is ideal for our employees. Larger products would mean wider movements, which would be more difficult to them.
We started producing and promoting washable sanitary towels. We call our pad WASHpad! Women All Should Have pad.

Reusable Care Creations (RCC) was set up by Ellen Seldenthuis, a Dutch woman who has been living and working in Ghana since 2004. In 2016, the idea arose to start a project for introducing reusable products for personal care that are environmentally friendly and save consumers money.


The project Reusable Care Creations (RCC)
The project goals are:
To introduce washable sanitary products like washable sanitary towels, washable nappies for children and washable nappies for adults, and to distribute them and make them easily accessible to large target groups in Ghana
To reduce taboos surrounding personal hygiene and to reduce the reluctance to use sanitary products
To reduce physical and social limitations people are subject to due to the lack of good sanitary products
To reduce the environmental impact of disposable nappies and sanitary towels
To offer women with a physical disability the chance to participate fully and equally in society by giving them a job that allows them to use their knowledge and skills of sewing and to improve their own lives and futures.
Our products are developed and produced in our own workshop. The unbleached cotton that is left over from making the New Cooking Bags is recycled for use in our care products, especially our washable sanitary towels.
 Latest news

Alidu and Umar, two of our deaf employees are standing over the instructions for use on the table, making quick hand movements. They feel the washable sanitary towels, open the poppers and press them closed again...
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Reusable Care Creations is a project of the Adwuma Ye foundation. Other Adwuma Ye projects are Tuma Viela and New Cooking Bag.
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